Contiki: 6 things to know before you go

Let your restless feet wander

It has become apparent to me that approximately 60.5% of my Facebook friends (sample size approximately 500) have indeed been on or are about to endeavour on a Contiki tour, the other  39.5%  are either teen mums or people in their 20’s getting married (These are legitimate and mathematically calculated guestimations). As a two time Contiki tour traveller I am ecstatic that going on Contiki has become almost a right of passage for Australian people in their late teens and early 20’s. It seems that Contiki to Australians has become what Rumspringa is to the Amish, therefore for my first official blog I have decided to discuss the six things I believe everyone should know before they go on Contiki.   


1. You will not be on a holiday

If you want to lay around all morning drinking cocktails and having massages on the beach then Contiki is not for you. Most mornings on Contiki are like a boot…

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