City Exploring

This weekend couldn’t have gone any better. I finally got the chance to meet some other au pairs from all over the world, and visit the famous Nottingham Castle! Saturday I met up a few girls and walked around Old Market Square and the Lace Market. Later in the evening we met with some other au pairs at the The Corn Mill pub for drinks. Just down the road from the base, looks like I’ll be spending a lot of weekend nights there! The drinks were so good and very cheap (compared to Canada at least) and it was such a great time! Love that I now have other people in the area to spend my summer with!

IMG_0039Today Dani and I went back into the city and toured Nottingham Castle. The castle is located atop a 130 foot cliff and served as a royal fortress and residence. The view from the top was amazing, looking over the entire city. Hidden below the castle is a maze of caves and passageways once used to carry supplies up to the fortress. Very interesting but a little unnerving walking through dark tunnels! At the bottom of the hill is what is said to be the oldest pub and inn in England. The pub is built right into the side of the cliff, with seating among the curved stone walls.


And lastly, just around the corner was the famous Robin Hood Statue!



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