Nottingham Things

Another busy but adventurous weekend! Last week the kids were on their “half term” so it was quite a busy week as well. The weather has definitely taken a change for the better so we spent most of the time outside! Saturday I went into the city centre of Nottingham to do some wandering around (and a little shopping). So many stores along cobble stone roads, a really nice change from our usual three story malls! I’ve also discovered my favourite new clothing store called Primark. Super cute, and really easy on the student budget. The city centre is quite busy, but very open with lots to do. This weekend there was a market in the middle of the square and the splash fountain was a popular attraction!


On Sunday the family and I went to Sherwood Pines Park, located just on the edge of Sherwood Forest; legendary home of Robin Hood! Hoping to go back for the Robin Hood Festival in August! The park was a great place to wander trails on foot, bikes, and even off-road Segways. There were many play areas, and a zip line course as well.

IMG_9946  IMG_9964  IMG_9948

Today I went with Emma and the kids to Wollaton Park. Located right in the middle of Nottingham, Wollaton Hall was built in the late 15th century and is now as Marcus would say “Where batman lives”, he was very excited to be there! We spent the afternoon walking the paths and visiting the natural history museum inside the hall. And finally.. Meet the kids!

IMG_9970  IMG_0001


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