London Called

First full week with the kids was a success! I think I’m settling in just fine with the routine and my new surroundings. I can’t believe that its been two weeks already. Missing everyone back home like crazy but if the weeks fly by like they have already I’ll be home in no time! This weekend I finally got the chance to do some sightseeing! We didnt realize it at first, but we chose the busiest weekend possible to visit london. Not only was it Bank Holiday weekend, but the city was flooded with fans for the first all-German UEFA Champions League Football final. Talk about chaos and crowds!

On friday I took the train into London where I met up with Laura. We experienced our first night in a hostel, which was better than we expected! Minus the live band playing in the pub downstairs..aha Saturday we met with Anya, another Au Pair from Saskatchewan for a full day of touring! Although I had already toured many of these places I was beyond excited to go back and see them in their entirety again. We visited Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Parliament and The Eye, each amazing and unique in their own way. Most of the places we visited wouldn’t allow photos, which makes it almost impossible to explain the magnitude and amazement that goes through your head as you walk through.

IMG_9561       IMG_9655

IMG_9588      IMG_9626

Sunday started off with a walk across the Tower Bridge and a visit to The Tower of London where we wandered around for the morning. In the afternoon we went to Kensington Palace and walked through the Gardens and toured the Royal residence. We ended with a quick walk through Neals Yard in Camden, a very hidden, colourful section of new age shops.

IMG_9685     IMG_9766

IMG_9731     IMG_9819

We ended the weekend with an afternoon at Camden Market. We wandered through mazes of shops, food stands, and souvenirs booths. So much to see, buy and do but it could be quite overwhelming for some people!

IMG_9840IMG_9848IMG_9876IMG_9856 IMG_9855

Although the weekend was very tiring I was so glad to revisit and explore so many of London’s wonders. The weather was unbelievably nice (finally) and I can’t wait to go back and see more!




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